The Human Robot Systems (HRS) Laboratory is part of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Our mission is to advance how humans and robots learn to guide the physical interactive behavior of one another. To achieve this, our research aims to:

(1) develop new methods of describing human motor behavior that are compatible for robot control,
(2) understand and improve how humans learn models of robot behavior, and
(2) develop robot hardware and controllers to enhance human-robot physical interaction.

This highly interdisciplinary research lies at the intersection of robotics, dynamics, controls, human neuroscience, and biomechanics.



Banu Abdikadirova, Jongwoo Lee, Neville Hogan, and Meghan Huber will present "Muscle-reflex model of human locomotion entrains to mechanical perturbations" at IROS 2021 this September.

Rod Grupen, Meghan Huber, Donghyun Kim, and Frank Sup received a Mutual Mentoring Grant from the UMass Office for Faculty Development for their proposal "Nurturing Robotics at UMass Amherst: Development of a Core Robotics Research Team". Click here to read more!

Dominic Locurto was awarded a Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium Summer 2021 Fellowship. Congratulations!